Oh Marbles!

Game marbles are a growing set with beautiful and entertaining designs. This web site enriches the Oh Marbles! marble playing experience we introduce new marble designs.

Objective – Manage your marble set to get the best designs, best shooters, and largest collection of marbles.

Control – original glass marbles were shot by “knuckling down”, and flicking the marble with the thumb or tossing it with two fingers. Oh Marbles supports pinching, dropping and shooting marbles too. The game includes a tutorial to explain the user interface.

Trade and Collect – as players gain more experience, they become qualified to download new sets of marbles. Any marble can be won or lost in a game, or given away to a friend.

Double Click on any marble at the bottom to see it large and decide to play it or select another one. when marbles are displayed, the marble name, person who designed it, and their web site are displayed at the top.

Animated Marbles play on the screen for you. new designs are introduced regularly. Where ever you play marbles, we hope you'll meet some marble playing friends!


Oh Marbles comes with the following features.
  • Socially interactive design that supports exchanging marbles between players
  • Turn based online play
  • Three classic marble games; ringer, ring-taw, dropsies
  • Many different play environments including a skate park, grandma's house and a school yard
  • A set of virtual marbles included
  • Endless supply of user generated marble designs to download from imarbles.com
  • Three types of marbles – still images, animations, 3d models
  • Creative marble designs including cartoons and visual jokes
  • Game marbles have different weights and sizes for in-game physics surprises
  • Win, lose, collect and trade digital marbles
  • Web site to support marble design submission and user profiles
  • Web site to describe everything you would ever want to know about playing marbles You can even play marbles at the moon marble company. Use the marble manager to sort through marbles you have won and decide to keep them, discard them, or give them away.

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